Best Double Ended Dog Lead UK 2022

Double Ended Dog Lead is an amazing multi-purpose solution for variety of different situations like training, walking, or even keeping your dogs tethered! From busy city streets to relaxed strolls, long countryside walks or a play in the park, it’s even perfect for puppy training.

You can even control two dogs with the double-ended lead while walking! Enjoy you dog walking!

After consulting with many dog trainers, professional dog walkers and vets we choose this amazing leash. Here is the best in class 7 in 1 multifunctional double-ended dog lead for you!

best double ended dog lead uk


The lead is made by very famous & trusted dog accessories brand. There are 5 different cool colors from standard black, orange, fuchsia, blue to neon yellow. And 3 different sizes of lead Small, Medium, & Large as specified below.

The leash is bit expensive but has premium build and material quality. It was previously for £33 to £37 but now available at £21.5 to £24.9 only, with free shipping for limited time.

note: Market is full of cheap copies please buy from given links to get genuine leash. 

double ended dog lead size small medium large specific


7 in 1 Multi Purpose Double Ended Lead

The lead is specially designed such, it can be used in multiple ways as shown below.

7 in 1 double ended dog lead usage

You can easily switch from a 175cm leash to a 135cm and 110cm leash or to hands free leash, a double lead, a tether with this magical lead. following are explanations of above image use cases.
01. A 175cm leash: you can then go back to 175cm length by just attach the hook to first ring.
02. A double lead: By pulling the lead through the ring at middle of the leash you can use it to walk 2 dogs enjoying each others company.
03. A 135cm leash: Go from a 175cm lead to a 135cm lead by simply attaching hook to the ring at middle of the lead. Now you gain more control over the dogs movements.
04.A tether: This mode allows the leash to be used as a dog tether if you need to tie up your pet for a minute.
05. A 110cm lead: You can attach the hook to the ring at the end of lead and you have a 110cm lead. Now you are closer to you dog and can handle with lower efforts.
06.A hands free leash, When you just want to go hands free simply put it around your shoulder!

More Safety With 3M Reflective Material

The leash has branded 3M reflective Safety webbing material built in which is very useful on streets and night walking.

reflective 3m double ended dog lead

customer-reviewsThere are few details specifically designed to make this leash multi purpose and increase the strength. The lead is made of heavy duty polyester material which keeps it light and quick dry.

  • Strong spring clips to attach to top and/or front rings
  • Suitable for all dog sizes
  • Light, strong polyester materials
  • Reflective 3M fabrics built in for dark walks
  • Available in several cool colors
  • Comfortable and padded
  • Can be used as a standard lead
  • It can be used as a hands free option
  • Use it to tether
  • Can be used to walk two dogs
  • Very light even when wet

Heavy Duty Premium Double Lead

heavy duty rings and clips double ended dog lead


There are also 2 black strong stainless snap hooks and three rings to make the lead more secure. Wide soft mesh padding make this dog leash anti chafing & extremely comfortable for both you and your Dog.
Perfect leash for medium small and large breeds. Reflective stitching keeps the dog safe on night walks. Tightly woven thick nylon is 2 times thicker than normal leashes. The heavy duty metal D rings are solid and can be used a poop bag holder.
The name signature tag provided is wash resistant nd can be used to fill up emergency contact information. The Clips at the double ends are made of heavy duty zinc alloy which is rust resistant. double ended dog lead as check collar use


The 7th use case is it can also function as a temporary check collar and leash all-in-one. If you find yourself in condition where you have to adjust with just this leash and has no harness or collar. Don’t worry the lead can turn into collar plus leash combo!

Use as No-Pull Double end 2 point leash

The lead can be combined with this amazing no pull dog harness with matching colors and you will get a No-Pull leash plus harness combo to control your puller dogs!

2 point control leash no pull double ended dog lead

One end attaches at D ring on the back of dog’s harness and the other goes to O ring at neck this way you can control dog’s walking more accurately. The steering function can be done with neck attached leash end and breaking can be achieved by the other end which is attached on back. Users are very satisfied with this combination for controlling the pulling of their dogs.

Checkout customer reviews on below link!




If you are looking for all in one best quality double ended dog lead then this is no doubt the one made for you! Market is full of low quality leads please buy this lead from our given links for genuine product.

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